Class of 2022 ready to make the most out of their senior year


Courtesy of Kendall Karnig

The senior class poses for a photo at the top of Calavera Mountain at the annual Senior sunrise.

Keira Kane, Social Media Editor

Since the pandemic began, seniors have been waiting to experience their senior year on Lancer territory. Considering all the events coming up this year like football games and dances, there is much to look forward to.

As this is the first school year fully on campus after a year and a half away, many of the seniors are excited to be at CHS. Senior and ASB treasurer Claire Corrigan is looking forward to attending school on campus.

“I’m especially just looking forward to being on campus and being able to experience senior year with all my fellow classmates which I feel like the previous seniors, the class of 2020-2021 missed out on,” Corrigan said.

Last year’s senior class did not get to fully experience their last year because of COVID. Senior Class President and ASB member, Addie Hess, is trying to make the best of her last year in high school and connect with her class.

“Being involved in the school really means connecting with everybody,” Hess said. “I think it’s important that everyone is really getting to know our class right before we leave just because we haven’t been able to connect the last two years.”

Many seniors are looking forward to having senior events unique to Carlsbad High, like the senior sunrise hike or the senior trip to an amusement park. Going to high school events and connecting with classmates is a big part of taking in the last year of high school.

“Definitely get involved in all the school events. Go to the dances, go to the parade, participate in spirit weeks [because] it’s super important to connect with other people,” Hess said.

Being a community is very important at CHS. Senior and ASB member Solomon Williams will miss having the school community next year.

“The community that we have here,” Williams said. “It’s kind of like a family. All the staff, the teachers, they’re really welcoming to me and especially my classmates. It feels like a family here.”

Carlsbad High won the most spirited school 2 years in a row and that school spirit is what sets Carlsbad apart from other schools. This is also a substantial part of senior year for many students.

“I’ll really miss the school spirit and going to the football games and having a bunch of turn-outs there,” Hess said. “I think that’s really unique to Carlsbad.”

There are many one-of-a-kind clubs and organizations in the CHS community. These clubs help students express themselves in a supportive environment.

“At this school, I feel like there’s a lot of sense of belonging here,” Hess said. “There’s a ton of different activities you can get involved in so I’m really proud to be a Lancer.”

Considering this is their last year, taking advantage of all the opportunities and participating in the high school experience is very important to many seniors.

“I’ll never experience high school again, so I think it is just seizing all the opportunities that it has to offer and the unique high school experience things like Loud Crowd or ASB, which I’m a part of that I really love are important,” Corrigan said.

Carlsbad’s award-winning ASB program works diligently throughout the year to put on excellent events for the seniors as well as the students at CHS. Having this acclaimed program is a crucial part of the CHS community.

“Get involved with as many things as you can like football games and things like that because Carlsbad High does have one of the best ASB programs in San Diego County and arguably the nation,” Corrigan said. “We’ve obviously won a lot of awards for that so I would say you’re blessed enough to experience that and definitely take advantage of all those opportunities because I think you’ll regret it if you don’t.”