Cuddling with cats at Cat and Craft


Grace Fisher

Pictured is the cafe portion of Cat and Craft, where bakery goods and drinks are ordered.

Cat and Craft offers a unique coffee shop experience and is located on the border of Vista and Carlsbad. The cafe highlights a cat lounge for visitors to cuddle and pet some furry friends while enjoying drinks. 

The cafe allows customers to have a cup of coffee and hang out with cats. Junior Nolan Brower has visited Cat and Craft and shares what he enjoyed most about his experience.

“My favorite part is definitely the cats,” Brower said. “There are like 20 cats and you can just walk around and pet all of them. I would recommend it because it is definitely fun for an hour.”

Cat and Craft is a unique experience for friends and families to enjoy. Junior Alex Airey is a frequent visitor at the shop and he explains why he began going to Cat and Craft. 

“I’ve been a few times, probably around 10, and I have always had a great experience,” Airey said. “I decided to go because one of my friends, Nolan, had heard about it so we both went for the first time earlier this year, and we had a lot of fun when we visited.”

The cafe is very inviting and allows people of all ages to decompress. The calming environment draws Airey to the shop and is the main reason why he enjoys the cat cafe and recommends it to others. 

“I really enjoy the atmosphere of Cat and Craft,” Airey said. “It has a very cozy environment and the cats make it great.”

Cat and Craft is open from eight to seven every day and allows students a quiet place to study. When visitors are studying or eating bakery items, they are able to interact with the cats. Visitors won’t miss out on the experience. 

“I would definitely recommend it to others because it is a super fun and chill place to hang out with friends and get work done for school,” Airey said. “The environment is super motivating and I love visiting when I have a test or quiz in the next class.”

The cafe’s mission is to get all of the cats adopted into loving homes. The cafe allows their customers to foster and take home the cats which allows them to take the experience home with them. 

“I like how they gave the money that you pay to go there to the cats to feed them, house them and take care of them before adoption,” Brower said. “I like how you could adopt any of the cats that were there if you choose to do so.”