Glaze and Grind

The Goods donut shop is a popular part of the Carlsbad Village.


Scarlett Savage

The Goods’ freshly-made donuts line the counter as customers walk into the shop. The shop features both seasonal and regular flavors.

Scarlett Savage, Reporter

Donuts or doughnuts; anyway it’s spelled most will agree that they are delicious. Most everyone who has been to the Carlsbad Village knows about the popular donut shop, The Goods, located on State Street. Open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., this shop opened in August of 2017. 

The Goods describes itself as, “a purveyor of artisan doughnuts crafted with the finest locally sourced ingredients.” What differentiates this shop from most other donut shops is the gourmet donuts you can’t find anywhere else. 

“To only name one donut as my favorite is hard, but I would say the seasonal berry jam is my favorite,” Donna Amber, a regular at the shop, said.

Some of their most popular donuts consist of Brown Butter Sea Salt, Boston Cream, and Tahitian Vanilla. Along with amazing donuts, they offer delicious pastries and drinks such as apple fritters. Everything is made in-house and baked in batches throughout the day, ensuring their doughnuts are always fresh. Junior Kai Wiedefeld is an employee at The Goods. 

“I think something that makes us unique is we offer donuts for everyone, regardless of dietary choices or restrictions,” Wiedefeld said.

With gluten-free and vegan delights available, there’s a treat for everyone. The Barille Family also owns another popular eatery in the Carlsbad Village, Cafe Topes.

Junior Mia Lopez works at The Goods in her free time and on weekends. The Goods is a great place to gain experience, especially as a first job.

“I find the atmosphere to be a great place to hang with friends to talk or study,” Lopez said.

Lopez enjoys working with the other employees and learning how to properly communicate with customers. Lopez, along with enjoying her job, also finds it important to have a job in high school. 

 “I feel like it just helps you build the skills you will need for your future and help build connections with other people,” Lopez said.

Inside the shop, the minimalist color scheme gives the feeling of a neat and simple donut business. A classic photo spot is also located in the shop that features their slogan, “GLAZE AND GRIND.”

“We definitely get a lot of people coming in just for photos, but even if they don’t buy anything we usually get free publicity from them posting the photos,” Lopez said.

Customer loyalty is a huge part of having a successful business, and The Goods prides itself on loyal customers. Amber finds herself visiting for donuts or drinks at least once a week. 

“I feel a connection with the people and food here,” Amber said. “Everyone is just so friendly, how can I not?” 

The shop’s manager, Alexis Williams, also enjoys chatting with the customers and letting them know how they made their donuts.

“[Alexis’s] bubbly personality always just brings a brightness to the shop,” Lopez said.

Williams can usually be seen behind the counter serving customers or walking around interacting with them. Having positive interactions with customers is a great way to encourage them to return.

“It is always a joy to see new people come into the shop,” Williams said.

Whether it’s a local or a tourist just stopping by, The Goods donut shop is a must-try. With kind staff, tasty donuts, and an iconic photo spot, to visit is a no-brainer.

“I know it sounds silly but I enjoy coming here not only for the food but to catch up with the workers on what they have been up to,” Amber said.