Top movies to stream or watch at the theaters


Jake Kremers, Sports Editor

A big part of our high school culture is streaming and binge watching movies, as groups like Netflix and Hulu have created easy access to an almost unlimited amount of movies. Some of these movies in the list below have already come out and are available to stream, while others have yet to release and are coming out in theaters. If you want quick access to the movies that are available to stream, look for the last sentence in each paragraph. The bottom half of these movies have yet to release yet, so they will not have the streaming site listed.

The first movie I would suggest is “Creed 2”, which is a boxing movie that follows the events of the “Rocky” movies. If you’re feeling like watching a movie which will inspire and motivate you, this is the movie you should see. Take note that Creed 2 has a Pg-13 rating. It will premiere on Nov. 21 and is expected to be a major hit at the box office. “Creed 2” currently is not on the main streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, but you can find it on Youtube Red and Google Play.

Another movie available to stream is the “Dr.Seuss’ The Grinch” movie. The characters have a new look as well as new voices (Tyler the Creator is featured on the main theme song), but it still reminds me of the Grinch movie from 2000. Remakes of originals usually don’t get the best ratings, but this Benedict Cumberbatch lead movie may interest you. This movie comes out on Nov. 9, and can be a laid back and PG type of night if that’s what you’re going for. This movie is available on Netflix, along with Youtube Red and Google Play.

Next up is a Netflix original, called “Bird Box”. This movie surprisingly became a huge hit even before coming to theaters. It features some suspenseful and tense moments, so I wouldn’t watch it unless you’re into the rated R movies. The Sandra Bullock lead film developed the popular “Bird Box” challenge, so I would recommend watching this movie if you want to understand what the challenge is all about. “Bird Box” released on Dec. 21 and is only available on Netflix.

The next movie on the list is another sequel, called “Ralph Breaks the Internet”. “Wreck-It-Ralph” was the first movie, and did very well at the box office. But from the looks of the trailers, this movie looks like it will stand out on it’s own, and can be a very fun movie to watch. This movie came out on Nov. 21, and also has a rating of PG. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is still out in theaters, so it is currently unavailable to stream.

“Spider Man-Into the Spider Verse” is next up on the list and centrals around the whole Spider Man universe. It is an animated film with a P.G. rating, so it seems like a very family friendly movie. If you are a big Marvel fan, I would recommend seeing this movie as it will feature the original Spider Man, along with several new characters getting introduced into the “universe”. Again, this movie is still in theaters so you can’t stream it yet.

The last movie on the list is “Aquaman”. “Aquaman” is in a universe opposite of Marvel, called the D.C. Universe. The movie came out on Dec. 14 and was a hit at the box office. “Aquaman” has appeared in multiple DC films, but this is his first solo film. The movie is Pg-13 and is currently in theaters. It will take around six months for the movie to hit Netflix and potentially Hulu.