Review: Spiderman into the Spider-verse


Jules Cisco, Reporter

With a 97% rating, Spider Man: Into the Spider-verse has viewers and critics impressed. Using comic book animation puts the effect of the book unfolding before your eyes. Using dotted art techniques, speech bubbles and bright, vibrant colors attracts viewers and makes the movie experience even better.

The story starts off introducing the main character-teenager Miles Morales who is struggling with transferring to an elite boarding school, leaving his old friends behind. When spray painting in the deep tunnels of the subway tracks, Miles gets bit by a radioactive spider and now has a bigger problem on his hands. The comic Spider Man is something he has always read but it’s now coming to life, and for him. When Miles accidentally comes across a fight between Kingpin and Spider Man, he learns of a particle accelerator Kingpin has made that can access parallel universes, that can destroy the city if turned on again. When Spider Man is hurt and defeated, he gives Miles a USB that can shut down the accelerator and now the power is in his hands. As Miles is joined by five other spidermen coming from different universes, the group joins together to fight Kingpin and ultimately shut down the accelerator for good and save the city.

In the beginning, we’re introduced to the original Peter Parker who inhabits Miles’ universe. Young, blonde haired Spider Man soon gets defeated by Kingpin and thrown into the accelerator. After that tragedy, we’re introduced to the “original” Peter Parker, again. By original, I mean kind of in the middle of two parallel universes. After getting thrown into the accelerator, he comes back from a different universe. This Peter Parker is an older, slobby, run down spider man who is simply tired of being well, Spiderman. He eventually gets his inner hero back after mentoring Miles in this universe. Next, we have Miles. Miles gets bitten by the radioactive spider and has a hard time getting used to his new powers. At first, Peter Parker sees him as useless but continues to mentor him throughout the movie. By the end, Miles is a life saving, spider webbing hero who is finally confident in his new skin. At his school, Miles meets new girl, Gwen Stacy aka, Spider Gwen. They are soon joined by Spider Man Noir, Spider Ham (Peter Porker), and Peni Parker (SP/DR). All Spider Men/women/pig end up going back home to their separate universes due to Miles and the team defeating Kingpin and turning off the accelerator. The idea of having not just one but sevenĀ different spider men from alternative universes added a really unique twist on the movie.

Just when you think it’s over, it’s not, of course. If you missed out on the post credits scene, here’s a little summary. The scene starts with viewers being introduced to yet another important character from the comics, Miguel O’ Hara aka Spider Man 2099. Miguel is from a alternative version of New York and he had a career working with Alchemax, the company responsible for everything that happened in the movie. He’s been monitoring the whole spider verse situation and decides to travel back in time to visit the 1967 animated spider man. Of course they couldn’t add this scene without the famous meme, you know, the one where the spider men are pointing at each other. I swear I’ve never laughed harder, they added THE meme. So, he falls into the meme and leaves the movie with that iconic scene. Viewers are now expecting some sort of Spider-Verse sequel, maybe with Spider Man 2099 making a feature.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to see Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse yet, get to it. You will not regret it. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat while also having fun. It is full of amazing graphics that really bring the comic book to life and draws you in from the very beginning.