A film student’s take on Get Out

Writer, producer, and comedy actor Jordan Peele had his directional debut in the phenomenal film Get Out. People have been saying that Get Out is the most important movie of the year so far. The thriller surrounded a controversial topic that has been around for ages and is largely making an impact in our society today–the topic of racism. Not only did many people enjoy the film, it also got a great review on Rotten Tomatoes. Senior Caitlin Flanagan who is part of Carlsbad High School’s film academy was happy to agree with the comments and reviews that Get Out received.

Compared to other scary movies that Flanagan has seen in the past, she thought that this one had good qualities to it that had to deal with the production, soundtrack, and actors.

“The production value was really good,” senior Caitlin Flanagan said. “Since I’m in film academy, it helped that I can know what to look for. The music choices were really good and the angles more importantly were really something that I noticed more than anything. I also thought the casting was chosen very well too.”

As a film student, Flanagan understands what it takes to have good production value, but she chose to have her own opinion about it after she saw the film in theaters for herself, despite what others were saying about it.

“Well everyone was telling me that it was really scary and I think it fit my expectations because it kind of raised the bar a little bit since I was going in there with an open mind,” said Flanagan.

Flanagan personally likes to go and see the movies first hand when they are being released. As a watcher of many films, she mostly enjoyed the plot and the message that this particular movie had. In addition to that, Flanagan also considers herself as one to watch thriller films.

“I mostly just liked the progression of the story and what the story had to say, I don’t really have complaints about the acting or the movie itself and I would consider myself more thriller type, I would rather watch that…I think this movie was more thriller than like ‘jump’ scares kind of movies,” Flanagan said.

Since this movie carried a lot of heavy topics such as racism, it should be something that is some what related to the issues we have today in communities, schools and other public places. As for the scary aspect, let’s just say that Flanagan was not thrown off her seat.

“I’d say that the content wasn’t so realistic, but the racial issue was definitely a factor because the story twisted that into it, and the racial underline was very realistic. It wasn’t scary, it was more creepy and disturbing so maybe on a scale of that, I would give it a 9,” Flanagan said.

All in all, the success for this movie exceeded many expectations and was given great reviews so Flanagan expressed that she would gladly rewatch this thriller.

“I definitely would recommend it because the topics are really important for right now and that’s another thing about the production value- I liked how they weren’t afraid to brush on these topics and go head first with that because it is pretty controversial right now,” Flanagan said. “I thought that was really brave of them so that’s why I would recommend it.”