Review: ‘Cinderella’ brings back that classic movie magic


‘Cinderella’ is projected to open to a $70 million opening.

Tristan Baez, Writer

Based on the 1950’s Disney animated feature, this Cinderella retelling shows the story of young Ella (Lily James) who becomes an orphan after her father’s unexpected death. Her Stepmother (Cate Blanchet) and stepsisters take over her family house and treat the innocent, now Cinderella, awful. For one royal ball the Prince (Richard Madden) invites the whole kingdom to a wonderful night, and now it is Cinderella’s turn to shine.

Lily James is quite perfect for the role of Cinderella, she embodies everything that makes the character who she is and brings a strong performance to the screen. The entire cast was seemingly perfect for their characters and everyone gave a good performance.

The on-screen chemistry between all of the actors is very apparent, and makes the film feel very real. Scenes with Stepmother and Cinderella are very authentic and very inspiring to see on screen. Madden and James also have great connections, and they are able to be convincing enough to actually have you believe that their love is true.

The story, while a remake of the animated film, is in a lot of ways different and is able to keep the movie intriguing, although it can drag at many times. The movie keeps very close to the original. Visually it was a spectacle to see the 65 year old tale come to life and feel very grandesque and lavishing. Parts with the Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham-Carter) were beautiful and very well-made as well.

Like previously stated, the film at times can become uneventful and drag on. The film also heavily relies on CGI, which is staggering considering the set design and costumes were jaw-dropping. Also, many of the characters seem to get lost in a story with plenty other characters, and most seem like they are in and out of the film for no reason.

‘Cinderella’ is a wonderful remake of the classic film and has fantastic acting, visuals and a great story that outshines many of the negatives the film has. If you’re a Disney fan and/or love good looking movies, this is a definite movie worthy of your time.

Final Verdict: 7.5/10