Will it become our ‘Destiny’?


Daniel Carr, Writer

Traveling across the galaxy, fighting off the eternal darkness; you, as a guardian, are the last hope of humanity to ward off the darkness and save the traveler.

Destiny was created by Bungie: the makers of the Halo Series, Activision Blizzard and Call of Duty Series. Destiny vowed to become a game-changer, an open-world with MMO elements and an intricate loot system. They had Peter Dinklage, the actor of Tyrion Lannister on the HBO show “Game of Thrones,” voice Ghost. And with the help of Paul McCartney on the soundtrack, Destiny had a lot of support and hype.

“Destiny could have been the wonderful combination of Skyrim, World of Warcraft and Borderlands,” junior and level 26 Titan Alex Daines said. “It barely scratches the surface of these huge games. I don’t think it can ever compare. Destiny is still addictive, but it is not better.”

Issues may have come with the spending of the budget. Destiny is supposably the most expensive game, with CEO of the franchise stating that the company would spend $500 million on Destiny overall. Compared to GTA V with a budget of $265 million, they invested practically twice the amount of money into the game and they sold around $800 million overall. Destiny hopes to break that record with $1 billion in sales yet they do not have the initial success needed to reach that goal, with a first day sale of $325 million. A problem the company faces is their reviews; a six out of ten on Gamespot does not meet the standards that they had strived for and gamers demanded.

“The graphics of Destiny are perfection because I love the look and feel; the worlds and enemy types are beautiful and intriguing, ” senior and level 28 Hunter Emma Wood said. “Really what lacks is the story. With the company who created Halo, I expected something amazing. I am disappointed. It may be wrong to compare, but still it was not that good. I felt there was so much not explained and I did not get my money’s worth.”

Bungie still has hopes to see the sales increase. They must take the criticism and build off it to improve the game for future map-packs that have better stories and help remove the shroud created by the vagueness in their story. There is still hope for the future: Activision signed an agreement to help Bungie release new material for the next 10 years, an ambition that will hopefully pay off.