As You Please band rocks out


Danny Valencia

As You Please members play at their most recent show.

Many small, local bands in Carlsbad are created and started by high school students. As You Please is a small band that is growing in popularity around the Carlsbad community. The band covers many songs and is made out of three current CHS students. 

The band consists of CHS juniors Josh Draher, Luke Whitehead and Ethan Plummer. Whitehead is the drummer and started the band a few years ago.

“We play more indie style music, like garage rock strokes,” Whitehead said. “My favorite part is being able to perform in front of large groups of people, and seeing them vibe to us playing is a really cool feeling.”

Starting the band in 7th grade, Whitehead grew up wanting to be a part of a band himself after attending a concert. After many changes of group members, Whitehead has still continued to grow the band and its popularity. 

“In 5th grade my dad took me to a concert, and then I just saw the drummer up there and he looked really cool,” Whitehead said. “I basically just started taking drumming lessons, and that’s how it started.”

The band mostly plays an alternative style of music and uses rock strokes throughout their covers. Draher joined the band this year as the bass guitarist. 

“I didn’t really get inspired, but my mom kind of forced me to take guitar lessons and I kind of just ended up really liking it,” Draher said. “Then when Luke told me that a spot opened up in the band I decided to join.”

The band has already performed at many different events and venues. Dedicated audiences have been able to watch the band continue to grow and become better together. One frequent As You Please concert viewer, junior Makena Waterbury, explains what she likes about attending the concerts.

“I really like their music and listening to them play and get better each time I go to one of their shows,” Waterbury said. “My favorite part is being able to support my friends and see how their music is progressing.”

To see the band’s progress, supporters can follow the band As You Please on Instagram, @asyoupleaseband. They post updates of where their next shows will be, keeping viewers up to date, who want to support and show up to watch and listen. 

“My favorite part is playing live, recording and just getting out and playing with my friends,” Draher said. “We have a graduation show, June 17th. Just come to the shows, we’ll play our originals and make sure you follow us on Instagram.”