Stop by HIGH-pie


Grace Fisher

The exterior of the HIGH-pie house features Victorian styles, exactly as it was in the 1986 “Top Gun” movie starring Tom Cruise.

When looking for a sweet treat, HIGH-pie, located next to the Oceanside pier, offers a unique option. This is not only a place where customers can get a homemade dessert filled with locally grown fruit, but it is also the original house where Tom Cruise’s co-star Kelly Mcgillis lived in the movie “Top Gun.”

The house was transformed into a pie shop in early May 2022 and it maintains its original blue Victorian cottage look like it did in the movie. The pie shop was in the original “Top Gun” movie made in 1986. Junior Blake Gordon is a student at Carlsbad High School and an employee of HIGH-pie.

“This was Maverick’s girlfriend’s house,” Gordon said. “I really like working there because it is a super easy and relaxed job. The people I work with are really nice and the pies are really good.”

Although the interior is renovated, the owners attempted to keep the memories from the movie alive. This was done through “Top Gun” set photos, historical photos of both the Oceanside and the Graves House, as well as unique vintage furniture to match the Victorian theme. 

“Inside the shop, there are many pictures and memorabilia from the movie,” Gordon said. “There are many pictures of Goose and Maverick around the house. Outside, there is even a replica of Maverick’s motorcycle that he rode in the movie.” 

The shop offers a variety of baked goods, but the menu is centered around their famous hand-made pies, which can be filled with many different flavors such as cherry or apple. Junior Adina Dixon and has visited the establishment a couple times.

“I have visited the shop three or four times,” Dixon said. “The apple pie: it’s so good, and if someone has never been there, I guarantee your order will be good every time.”

HIGH-pie has a special feeling due to the uniqueness of the house’s history and sweet treats made. Dixon talks about what the environment is like and why you should visit HIGH-pie.

“I think because it’s in the ‘Top Gun’ house it has a real cool vibe to it that’s different from Oceanside,” Dixon said. “When you go in, you can see all the cool Top Gun decorations and the people who work there are so friendly. Definitely go, it’s something that is a really unique experience here in San Diego.”