Online classes offer a flexible school option for students


Junior Nathan Wilson works on his online history class at home through Silicon Valley.

Danny Valencia, Reporter

Online classes give students the opportunity to get ahead in school, redo classes and create more space within their schedules. CHS students have classes seven hours a day and five days a week. The flexibility of online classes in their schedules can make students’ day easier to manage. 

Many students at Carlsbad High School participate in online school during the school year because it allows them to also focus on sports and other activities. Junior student athletes Nathan Wilson and Haylie Bonner take online classes, providing them extra time to complete school work. 

“This year I decided to take online history through Silicon Valley,” Wilson said. “It allowed me to take more time in my day to focus on getting school work done early so that I could go to rugby and football practice without coming home worrying about getting my work done.”

Students tend to get a lot of stress due to sports and extracurriculars. This stress can affect their performance in the classroom and on the field. Bonner, similar to Wilson, uses the online class period to get work completed at home before her extracurriculars, which include the varsity cheer team, competition cheer team and Young Life Club. 

“I cheer three times a week, sometimes more, right after school, ” Bonner said. “Having fifth period off allows me to go home and work on homework before going back to the school to go to practice.”

Online school gives students the opportunity to complete their schoolwork at their own pace. For student athletes, they are still able to get the credit they need for their classes which can help prevent students from getting stressed. Wilson is on the football team and the co-president of his rugby team. 

“I like having online classes because it allows me to get ahead; I just have to be done by the end of the semester,” Wilson said.

Both students are very busy and involved with many extracurricular activities Carlsbad offers. Online classes give flexibility to students and their schedules. 

“The online charter school class option is great,” Bonner said. “I would definitely recommend it to other students who are busy outside of school.”