Working students


Graphic by Sophia Weis

Its hard to find job as a teen – especially if you’re underage. The businesses highlighted in this article are perfect matches for these students

This year’s global pandemic made a lot of us realize how much we didn’t appreciate school and work as much as we did while life was still in a normal state. Many families have suffered this year from a loss of work and social life. For teenagers in particular this year was one of the hardest. The ability to learn in a classroom with our peers was taken away from us when the COVID-19 pandemic began, and for a bit of time, the world was scared and apprehensive about what we were facing.

For the most part, things like keeping a long-distance connection with friends or finding a place to work were harder than expected. I, for one, began the pandemic with an entire friend group, and halfway through I lost connection with every single one of them except for a few. Finding a job as a teenager is a handful already, considering most of us obtain jobs while having little to no experience. But when the effects of the pandemic hit society, finding work became a struggle for not only teens but everyone as a whole.

Lots of companies and establishments hire teens for stable positions and minimum wage, but not every job has the same flexible schedule and shifts. If you prefer a job where you could have a flexible schedule or a part-time job, especially if you’re in high school, then a position as a cashier would be the best fit.

Cashiers at places such as McDonald’s, Jack N the Box, and 99 cents stores are great at giving reasonable shifts that are convenient to the company and yourself. It’s also a subtle beginning to making minimum wage, which is $14.00 per hour in San Diego, but salary can vary depending on where you work. Companies like Zumiez, Vans, Urban Outfitters, all have retail cashier and floor positions for teenagers and young people and are in safe work environments such as malls or shopping centers.

If you want your first working experience to come with responsibilities and challenges, a waitress position is perfect for you. As a waitress, you’re responsible for serving your customers correctly, and on time, and you are the first impression customers have of the restaurant. That means the way you treat them, is the way they are going to feel about their experience.

Restaurants like Olive Garden, IHOP, Denny’s, or any family restaurant, all hire teens sixteen years and up for this position, and give benefits such as health care and 401K for future retirement.

You don’t have to work at your first job forever. Your career path should be based on what you enjoy doing. Working as a teenager, is only the beginning.