Covid-19 friendly spring break activities


Natalia Betancur

Students can visit The Flower Fields over spring break. Photo by Natalia Betancur.

Natalia Betancur, Reporter

We can all agree that the past year has been stressful. There have been a lot of unexpected changes and we have had to adapt. Luckily, this spring break gives us a chance to relax and recharge. Even though COVID-19 has changed many of our plans, we can all still have a very fun break. Here are some activities you can do to this spring.


A sunset over the beach in Carlsbad. Photo by Natalia Betancur. (Natalia Betancur)

Taking a stroll by the beach can be a great way to practice mindfulness and to destress. Carlsbad is home to many beautiful beaches that we can enjoy during our free time. Whether you just want to walk along the shore or sit down as you hear the calming sound of the waves, visiting the beach is a great activity to add to your spring break bucket list. 

Arts and crafts 

Paintbrushes can be used for arts and crafts activities. Photo by Natalia Betancur. (Natalia Betancur)

There are so many ways we can get creative. If you want to get your creative juices flowing this spring break, you can always start new, exciting projects. There are infinite possibilities, but some ideas are painting, crocheting and scrapbooking. You can also thrift flip some clothes or do a DIY to decorate your room. 


A nearby hiking trail is located in Calavera Hills. Photo by Natalia Betancur. (Natalia Betancur )

One way to stay active during this break is to go on hikes. Some places that you can go to are the Lake Calavera Hiking Trails and the Torrey Pines Hiking Trail. Spending time in nature can lower your risk of heart disease and improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  


Students can hold a picnic at the beach or in a park. Photo by Natalia Betancur. (Natalia Betancur)

If you love food and being outdoors, you could go on a picnic. Picnics can be filled with fun and excitement. Some of the things that you can do during a picnic include reading books and painting. If you wanted to, you could also bake some delicious snacks before you head out!

The Flower Fields and Strawberry fields 

Students can pick strawberries at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company. Photo by Natalia Betancur. (Natalia Betancur)

If you haven’t been to The Flower Fields and the Strawberry fields, spring break is an amazing opportunity to do so. These tourist attractions gain thousands of people each year. It is a highlight spot in Carlsbad, and it is a great place to hang out with your friends and take photos. 

What are other CHS students doing during the break?

The moon sits over Carlsbad. Photo by Natalia Betancur. (Natalia Betancur)

“For spring break I am attending a week-long overnight program for UCSD to get to know the college and its campus as well as other students. I also just plan on studying for APs, applying for scholarships, and exercising when I can.” – Valeria Echague (12)

“For me, there’s no plan really set in stone for what we’re doing this break, but it’s probably gonna be a lot of time spent with friends and going to the beach. I may go graduation clothes shopping, and senior photo clothes shopping with my mom.” – Noelle Kane (12)