Spreading love through mail

Lilly Michel, Reporter

Letters can be sentimental for many people. They are pieces of paper encapsulated with memories, thoughts and feelings written for eternity. They are time capsules of moments in time that are shared by being given to another individual through a simple mailbox. 

Each individual has their own take on the value of a letter.  A letter can be a simple means of communication with another person or it can be words pieced together to express valuable emotions and thoughts.

“When you write letters it’s more sentimental. It’s just the thought of ‘oh this person cares about me to take time out of their day to write me a letter,’” senior Ceylon Wargo said.

When you write letters it’s more sentimental

— senior Ceylon Wargo

There are many different supplies that can be used to spice up a letter instead of the boring ol’ lined paper look many of us opt for. Stationary such as cardstock paper or washi tape can instantly make a handwritten letter look more unique. You can find these materials at any local craft store. 

“I personally cut paper out and [use] lots of glitter — I like glitter.  And my highlighters and pens,” Wargo said.

Although many individuals enjoy decorating their letters with various stationary items, some like a more simplistic look. Plain lined paper can give you much more room to write your letter.

“Just paper and pencils — and an envelope. Sometimes I have little cards that I write [the letters] on but it’s typically lined paper just because there’s more space,” senior Natalie Parker said.

Writing letters to friends, especially during a time where in-person contact is limited, is an enjoyable and unique activity many students at CHS may want to try during their free time.  Handwriting a heartfelt letter will show just how much you care about the person you are writing the letter to.

“[Writing letters] shows how much you appreciate your friends or just that you care about people, because I think it’s a lot nicer to receive something from someone rather than just a text,” Wargo said.

Letters are a way to express emotions that you may not be able to express in person.  Writing a letter can give you the ability to tell a story and the assurance that the person who is on the receiving end of your letter will listen to every word.

“Opposed to texting or even talking on the phone, letter writing allows the writer to have time to think about what they are writing,” Mary Todd Christian at Greenville University said. “One of the best features when it comes to writing a letter is being able to sit down and process your thoughts before actually putting pen to paper.”