An academic sport


Jack Weaver

A practice takes place in the ASB room in order to prepare for the upcoming competition.

Lelana Brinkworth, Reporter

Being part of a team is a different and new opportunity that students can participate in. Academic league is a team that works together and can build a lifelong family. Together the club competes in trivia usually based in school subjects but also including random questions. 

The team competes against other schools in trivia which brings out the team’s academic and competitive side. The group has three different levels– freshmen, JV, and varsity. Sophomore Claire Corrigan participates on the JV team which meets in the ASB room on Wednesdays after school and Fridays at lunch. The members look for new people who are interested in joining at any time. 

“The best thing about the club is that it provides an opportunity to a lot of kids who maybe would not be a part of a team to have that team feeling,” Corrigan said. “They can experience a team dynamic and it is also nice to feel like you’re a part of something.” 

While competing against other schools, the main goal is to hit the buzzer the fastest and correctly answer the question. The team works together in order to gain the most points over the other schools. As the levels increase, the questions get harder and the skill level increases. 

“The worst part about it is when you buzz in, like when you answer a question, and you get it wrong,” Corrigan said. “You just feel your stomach drop and you feel like you failed everyone and you feel dumb.” 

Working together in such a close environment brings the bond with each other much closer. The team allows you to bond and build another family outside from within your household. Junior Jack Weaver participates on the team and has made many new friends through the experience. 

“The team allows me to gain many new friends who share a passion for trivia with me,” Weaver says. “I wanted to join the club because it was a different way to express myself rather than my water polo sports background.” 

Practice makes perfect and the team works hard during practice and at home. In order to come out with the many wins, each member practices trivia questions at home. As a team, they work hard to figure out which aspect each member is strongest at in order to benefit the team. 

“I work hard and memorize facts that would help benefit the team as a whole,” Weaver said. “I have grown my memorizing skills which can help me respond fast during the rounds.”