Leading the Loud Crowd



Senior Elijah Shepherd is cheering on the varsity football team during the USA game. Shepherd uses his loud crowd leader title to keep the stands spirited throughout games. With the powder, streamers and fog machine, loud crowd leaders pulled out all the works to keep the lancer pride high.

Living up to the title of “Most Spirited School in America” is no easy task. It takes dedication and hard work to keep the name alive. Loud Crowd leader seniors Garret Glessner and Elijah Shepherd make this possible. 

As it is Glessner and Shepherd’s first year in ASB, they had to jump right into being this school year’s Loud Crowd leaders. While some would be anxious leading the student section, both students prove to be natural leaders when it comes to showing Lancer pride.

“I would always be a little nervous before the games would start,” Glessner said. “After we would start getting into it I would get really comfortable and by the end it’s like one big party.”

Being assigned the job of Loud Crowd leaders means carrying on CHS’s spirited legacy. This gives both students motivation to find ways to improve school spirit. The dedicated duo are always determined to top their last outing.

We are one of the best student sections out there so I take a lot of pride in being able to add to our reputation.

— Elijah Shepherd

“I like being a Loud Crowd leader because I really like to show school spirit and support for our team,” Shepherd said. “We are one of the best student sections out there so I take a lot of pride in being able to add to our reputation. Every year we want to top ourselves so that’s why it is so cool to get to be apart of it my senior year.”

Leading the crowd is no walk in the park. They must keep an attentive eye on the game so that the energy on the field or court matches the student section. When this happens, players can feel the support and in turn gives them motivation to lead the Lancers to another victory.

“Sometimes it can be challenging being a Loud Crowd leader,” Glessner said. “Everyone has to do their part in watching the game and doing the correct chants. We have to remember that we are there to support the players while having fun. With [the other Loud Crowd leaders] contributing though, it is really easy to find that balance between having a great time and showing support.”

Being in charge of school spirit can be a challenging job. It comes with a lot of responsibilities that determine the attitudes of the student crowd. Even though this can be stressful, the winning games and overly spirited crowds make it worth it in the end.

“I really do love being a loud crowd leader,” Shepherd said. “I love our school so being able to encourage others to show this is a really rewarding job.”