Loud crowd bleeds purple pride


Hailey Nalitt

Loud crowd members, decked out in purple attire, cheer on the Lancers.

Olivia Easterbrook, Writer

Loud Crowd has quite the reputation throughout Carlsbad, and you have probably heard it, literally. They can create enormous volumes from their music, laughter and above all, support for their fellow Lancers. Loud Crowd strives to create a supportive bond with all other sports teams, both boys and girls, to give them the support to win. Members connect with other teams and in return, get others to be involved with all the games too.

“It’s gotten involved in some of the other sports that I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise,” Loud Crowd leader Joe Curran said. “It really gives me a chance to meet a ton of more people on campus and try to get them involved in sports. Even if they don’t play them they can still be a part of the team.”

The leaders of Loud Crowd are Ryan Du, Curran, Sam Sommers, Nate Baer and Kyle Plotkin and they invite Lancers to join because it is not difficult to come and support CHS’s sports teams.

“Anyone can join Loud Crowd,” Plotkin said. “If they want to join, they can come talk to any of the leaders and just give us their name and number so we can let them know of the big loud crow events that will be going on.”

One must embody the Loud Crowd spirit through constant energy and exuberance to be a member of Loud Crowd.

“Loud Crowd means showing purple pride, supporting your peers at any or all Lancer events, and just showing that you bleed purple,” Plotkin said.

Above all, the leaders want to show that anyone can come down and be a part of the great amount of support, cheering and purple that makes our Loud Crowd the legendary cheer alliance.

“No one should be shy about joining Loud Crowd,” Plotkin said. “We support all teams and activities at the school and if anyone wants our support, they should come and talk to us to get the word out and get people to show up and support.”