Capturing the moment

Junior Sophie Adams brings her love of photography to CHS sidelines.


Courtesy of Sophie Adams

One of the many photos Adams has taken during football games.

During football games, people always see students taking photos and videos, usually for their broadcasting or photography class. Sophie Adams, a junior, does this for her own enjoyment. Students often see her with the rest of the kids with cameras out on the field capturing moments from loud crowd along with the game itself.

A photo of ASB member Max Christian at the Homecoming football game Adams took. (Courtesy of Sophie Adams)

Adams has been taking photos of students and players at football games recently, but she originally started taking them of other school teams. Her involvement in photography at school is because of a particular teacher at CHS, along with her family.    

“Taking photography with Mrs. King really got me into taking photos for the school, but I have been taking photos since i was around 12…when my dad bought a GoPro,” Adams said. “I started with taking photos of the water polo and swim team freshman year.”

Adams decided to start using her photography skills for teams and games to be able to have the memories of high school as she gets older. She also takes photos for the students as well, giving them the opportunity to keep the memories for years to come and remember moments of high school through her photos.

“I really enjoy taking photos for the school because I really get to capture our school’s spirit,” Adams said.“And to capture sports teams and want to have these photos to look back on when I’m older.” 

Birgen Grueskin, a junior, friend and fellow photographer, praises Adam’s work and dedication towards her hobby. 

“It’s really cool to see how her photos have evolved over the course of a short period of time and it makes me want to start taking better photos and even purchase better equipment,” Grueskin said. “I can see Sophie has a great passion for taking photos and I hope she continues to take her talent with her in the future.”


As she gets older and graduating high school becomes closer, Adams has considered taking her photography skills into a field in which she can let her creativity flow and learn even more about one of her favorite hobbies.

“I hope that I will be able to take this hobby and turn it into a career at some point,” Adams said.  “I’ve always wanted to have a career that I love.”

Adams has also provided her photos online for students or members of the community to enjoy and keep for the future if they choose to. This gives everyone the option to have memories from high school for the rest of their lives.  

“Students and parents can view my photos through a website I have provided through Instagram,” Adams said. “I post all of my photos there for students and members of the community.”