Talented freshman takes on photography

Ana Paulette Garcia

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There are many aspiring photographers who have gone through years of training and practice, but freshman Jaden Familo has found her passion for photography without taking a single class. Her natural talents are clear through her photographs proving she may be the next best thing.

Her passion for photography started out as just a hobby. However, later she realized she wanted to become a better photographer and began making herself publicly known.

“I started doing photography with my friends and then I made an Instagram,” freshman Jaden Familo said. “I eventually got a lot of followers on my photography account and soon was able to meet new people. From there, I had people contacting me wanting to shoot.”

Her progression exceeded more as she looked for different ways to perfect her work. Familo took charge by searching tutorial videos online.

“As I got more serious, I decided to get an editing app on my computer,” Familo said. “From there I just started getting better as I watched a lot of youtube videos on editing.”

As of now, she plans to further build her photography skills through different school activities. She plans to take a formal photography class her junior year.

“I do want to do photography as an elective,” Familo said. “I think it would help me grow as a photographer which is important if I want to continue this. It would be a really cool career and I would definitely want to work with my photography idol, Jorden Keith.”

Familo wishes to take her talent abroad by focusing on her photography outside of California. She enjoys traveling and plans to bring her camera along for future trips she takes around the globe.

“I like the buildings in Greece a lot and I think it would be really fun and a great learning experience to shoot there,” Familo said. “I like capturing the art of it through photography.”


For more insight on Familo’s work, her photography is posted on her vsco account.