SEW good to the community

Rachel Kramer is pictured with pillows she made. She is going to make a donation at the local animal shelter.

Growing up, senior Rachel Kramer discovered her passion for creating and giving back to the community. After receiving a sewing machine for her birthday and started a sewing business. Her business is called R. Kramer Sewing and it produces pillows and blankets for animals in the community. At first, young Kramer wanted make some extra money but then it grew into something more. 

Kramer has had a lifelong love for dogs; by committing herself to her business and supporting her furry friends in the community, she has been able to make her mark. Her hobby has influenced her life greatly and has lead her to where she is today. 

Starting a business is a great learning experience for high schoolers. I’m not sure if I will continue mine in the future, but it gave me great life lessons for other future endeavors.

— Kramer said.

“I started a company when I was thirteen, making pillows and blankets for dogs and other animals,” Kramer said. “I donate back to animal shelters for every product that is bought.”

Her background knowledge of sewing inspired her to make a difference in the way she knows best. Although giving back was motive to her creation of R.Kramer Sewing, so was her desire to grow her back account with the sales of her pillows and blankets. 

“I wanted to make money doing something,” Kramer said. “I knew how to make pillows so I was like why not put these together.”

Creating a small business is a rarity amongst pre-teens and teens, but Kramer did not let her age define her actions. Her dedication opened up opportunity for further business adventures and broadened her horizons for the future. 

“I would say making money and having money to spend especially when I was younger [was the most rewarding], like being able to go out and buy a toy or something was fun,” Kramer said. “It can also grow out of enjoying an activity, such as sewing, that can be provided as a service to others. I made little posters and put them up in my neighborhood to spread the word about what I was doing.” 

The rewards of her business went beyond just having spending money, Kramer was able to donate some of the money she made to local animal shelters. Putting her sewing skills to work let her earn money and give back.

“I think it’s fun, its something new,” Kramer said about her sewing skill. “It’s not something that everyone can say they did so it’s just kind of an interesting topic.”

Because she started the business at such a young age, Kramer hasn’t visited or contributed to her business in a few years. Despite this, her business set a great example for other young entrepreneurs in the community.

“Starting a business is a great learning experience for high schoolers,”Kramer said. “I’m not sure if I will continue mine in the future, but it gave me great life lessons for other future endeavors.”