More than makeup

Junior Dylan Phillips shares the impact that makeup has had on his life.


Dylan Phillips

Junior Dylan Phillips takes a selfie after completing a makeup look.

AJ Griffin and Emma Lupica

Makeup can be used to hide blemishes and imperfections, but for junior Dylan Phillips makeup is a way to express his emotions and thoughts. Phillips started applying makeup in the summer of eighth grade and has immersed the art of makeup into his life ever since.

“I was super sick and had to stay home for a week,” Phillips said. “I had nothing to do and had been watching a lot of makeup tutorials. I had some cheap amazon makeup and I just messed around. I actually started my Instagram because I wanted to show people my makeup.”

Phillips has developed a unique style on his fashion journey as a makeup artist and trendsetter. His open mentality to try new or out of the ordinary styles has lead him to become the person he is today.

“My style is different from others because I really don’t care,” Phillips said. “I like to look like a 70s school teacher mixed with a 90s grunge model. Long, shapeless, floral dresses are my favorite. And if it’s ugly, I’ll totally wear it.”

Throughout his years of being a makeup artist, Phillips has discovered his go-to looks. Although he does not have an all time favorite look, he has definitely found his vibe when it comes to makeup.

“Everything I do comes from the heart,” Phillips said. “I like doing blown out, smokey or grunge looks with lots of brown and taupe colors or super colorful, glam and glittery looks. I don’t have a happy medium between the two! I also like doing special effects makeup but I usually don’t let people see it because I’m not amazing at it.”

For Phillips, makeup is more than a way to express himself – it is a way for him to show the world who he truly is. By incorporating makeup into his daily looks, Phillips allows himself to be seen in a different light everyday.

“I don’t think of makeup as letting me express myself but more that it lets me change how the world sees me,” Phillips said. “On days where I’m feeling sad, I’ll wear darker makeup or when I’m hyped, I’ll wear crazy makeup with glitter and lots of colors. I guess you could say that’s me expressing myself but I feel like it’s me manipulating the world.”

To those close to him, it is obvious that makeup has played a large role in his life and left an overall positive affect on him. Doing makeup brings feelings of joy to those who are lucky enough to experience his expertise.

“Watching Dylan do his makeup is so amazing, it’s just so easy and flawless,” junior Katie Beninger said. “I think his life is impacted by it because I see him light up when he does a look that he loves. Watching Dylan do his makeup is so mesmerizing and he always looks so happy when he is doing it! I think makeup is amazing because it is an artistic way to express yourself and you can do literally whatever you want.”

Phillips feels as though makeup is more than just a way to express himself in the society that expects the most out of him. For him, makeup is a under appreciated art form, to which you are the canvas and the world is your muse.

“Makeup is art,” Phillips said. “Whether you’re a boy, girl or somewhere in between, makeup is great and you should wear it.”