All the references you missed in Ariana Grande’s “Thank u, next” video

All the references you missed in Ariana Grandes Thank u, next video

Jules Cisco, Reporter

On Nov. 30, Ariana Grande released the “thank u, next” music video soon after the rough split from former fiance, Pete Davidson. In the song, she references her exes: Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson and the late Mac Miller. When the music video dropped, fans were quick to notice all the movie references made. In case you missed them, here’s all the pop culture references featured in the video.

  1. Mean Girls: Grande takes on the role of Regina George, previously played by actress Rachel McAdams. The video starts with the iconic “How do I ever begin to explain Regina George” scene where students of the school share crazy rumors and stories about mean girl, Regina, now played by Grande. Grande also brings in many guest stars to the video including Jonathan Bennett (previously known as Aaron Samuels), Colleen Ballinger, Gabi DeMartino, Stefanie Drummond (Bethany Byrd) and more. As Grande and her friends re-create the “Jingle Bell Rock” scene, Kris Jenner is shown with a video camera, taking on the previous role of “cool mom” Amy Poehler. Grande is also seen writing about her exes in the famous “burn book”.
  2. Bring It On: Grande and former co star Matt Bennett re-create the teeth brushing scene from the popular cheerleading film. In the cheerleading scenes, many of Grande’s friends and frequent collaborators join in to mimic the scene.
  3. 13 Going On 30: As Grande sings the lines “One day I’ll walk down the aisle/holding hands with my mama”, she portrays character Jenna Rink adjusting the furniture in her doll house which is covered with the famous wishing dust. The dollhouse also features a picture of Grande’s face sitting in a bubble filled bathtub.
  4. Legally Blonde: In the next sequence, Grande portrays character Elle Woods and her famous chihuaha in the movie. Jennifer Coolidge who played Elle’s nail technician in the movie makes a cameo in this scene talking to Grande on the movie’s “he’s got a package” innuendo. Grande is also shown studying from a book titled “Immigration and refugee law and policy”.

View the iconic video here.