From running to riding

Stella Muehlhausen, Reporter

Sophomore Anna Mays, like many other high school students, enjoyed playing soccer and track growing up. However, in 6th grade, she injured her knee during track. Because of her injury she was unable to continue playing these sports, so she spent more of her time horseback riding.

Over the years, Mays started to focus more on horseback riding and began training for various competitions with her horses.

“I’m [currently] training for roping once my leg heals,” Mays said. “I’ve done western shows, trail classes, and sorting events [in the past].”

Although horseback riding was not originally Mays’ priority, she now spends countless hours training, riding, and caring for her horses.

“You have to feed them and clean their stalls and buckets so that they can have clean water,” Mays said. “You have to get them out every day and clean them too. It’s a big job that you have to take on every day.”

Despite the time commitment, Mays would recommend that other people try horseback riding because it has countless benefits that other sports don’t offer.

“[Horseback riding] emotionally and physically keeps you in shape,” Mays said. “You get to bond with huge, loving animals and once you get in sync with them you can do anything. The trust level is an incredible feeling.”