The Golemmes take to the sky


Emma Lupica, Editor-in-Chief

Freshman Christine Golemme and senior Natasha Golemme have been able to see the world from new heights that are unimaginable to the average high schooler. The Golemme sisters have had the unique experience of being able to fly all across California.

This opportunity presented itself when Mr. Golemme started working as a helicopter pilot. Ever since, the Golemmes have been on many adventures in the sky.

“[My dad] is a helicopter pilot and he has been flying for about 10 years,” Natasha said. “He does all different kinds of jobs, but basically he just flies anyone who need to be flown.”

Not only does Mr. Golemme fly client, but friends and family as well. There have been countless memorable moments when flying in the helicopter for the Golemme girls.

“Whenever he wants [to fly], we can,” Natasha said. “The helicopter is at our house so we can just go up and fly whenever. My favorite memory is probably flying to Santa Barbra to a water polo tournament with Harley Young and her dad. It was really fun and it is probably my favorite memory [of flying].”

The Golemme’s air access has not only served as vacation transportation but is often used for practical uses. Even though it may seem like an inaccessible  activity, the helicopter has come in handy to the Golemmes on a daily basis. Christine tells the Lancer Link  about how she occasionally rides the helicopter to school in the morning.

“Going to school in a helicopter is really exciting,” Christine said. “It only takes three-four minutes!”

Owning and being able to fly a helicopter is such a rare accommodation. The Golemme family has made the most out of the opportunity by creating endless memories.

“My first time [flying] was when I was in fifth grade,” Natasha said. “[My dad] didn’t have his license yet and he was going through training. I was with him, a trainer, and Christine. [I think] the best part about flying is we can get to places faster and

I like being in a helicopter better than a plane because you can see everything and you can be lower to the ground. It’s more of a tour experience than just being in the clouds

— Natasha


Although it may not seem like it, being able to fly also has a deeper meaning than just being cool. Their experiences have made an impact on the on them and how they view the world.

“Something interesting about the helicopter is that when your flying above a place that’s familiar to you, you get to see it in a whole different perspective,” Christine said.