Band conductors lead their symphony


Maddie Ward

Junior Steven Alvarado directs band during their practice. Alvarado is one of two drum majors for the Marching Lancers.

Maddie Smith, Multi-Media Editor

The conductors in band play a key role to help each of their members improve their skills. Each band member looks up to these experienced leaders when striving to improve their skills. From directing the team to becoming close friends, the conductors play a big part in band.

Every sport team has team captains to keep them in line or help them improve. Similar to in sports, the conductors want what’s best for the group, just like coaches and their teams.

“The conductor is essentially what keeps the band time when they perform, making sure that everyone is on the same beat and everyone is on the same page,” senior Ryan Mekler said.

After days of working on their performances, the conductors get to see it all come together. The time spent practicing in each piece and routine makes it all worth it.

“My favorite part has to be the end result at our performances were with the cooperation of the band and so much hard work we put on a great show,” junior Stephen Alvarado said.

From having multiple routines and many band members trying to get it just right, it takes a cognitive effort to keep it all going. The leaders of the group make each piece unique, and still remember the previous routines by heart.

“The most difficult part is the mental strain it has on you and you have so many responsibilities,” Alvarado said.

Not many are willing to step up to direct the team, but the position gives you a different perspective. The conductors are also able to learn and improve from this new perspective.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Mekler said, “It kind of gives you a better understanding of music rather than just sitting in one position and playing the whole time and only being able to hear certain parts. You can kind of hear everything and you get more involved in it.”

Band gives the members closer relationships with one another. They bond over their love for music and their drive to improve. The conductors are able to inspire their peers and do what they can for them to succeed.

“They influence us to keep pushing to perform at our highest potential,” sophomore Kainoa Martinez said.