Mrs. Britton takes charge of AP Capstone

Mrs. Britten teaches a program that helps and prepares people for college.


Jamie Morgan

Mrs. Britton, AP Capstone teacher, jumps into the first lesson on Monday morning. AP Capstone is a two year program that highlights on the analysis and discussion of local and global issues.

AJ Griffin , Assistant Editor

]This class can give you a head start with college life”

— Mrs. Brittion said

Students in Mrs. Britton’s Ap Capstone are currently preparing themselves for what lies ahead of them in their future. Everyday they get up with one goal in mind– college. For many, this dream seems unobtainable, but for theses motivated teens it’s just a matter of days until this is their reality.

AP Capstone is a college preparatory program that teaches students the tools and skills they will need not only to get accepted to college, but to succeed in their adult life. This class crosses a college curriculum with a modern day high school classroom. Britton blends her teaching style with the in-depth and detailed work of the class.

“AP research and AP seminar are very in-depth classes that this program is comprised of,” Britton said.

 AP research and AP seminar are classes that develop your writing, reading, speaking, and other skills to college level. These classes are required to proceed with the Capstone program.

The Capstone program is a two year program. In the first year, you critique your reading and annotating skills to the required level. This class is very similar to English 3AP in the sense of writing and reading style. In the second year, you are researching topics and writing about them in preparation for your college essays.

“The AP Capstone diploma looks very good in colleges’ eyes,” Britton said. “It shows colleges that you have pushed and committed yourself to a college program for two years.”

Mrs. Britton hopes to excel these students with this program whatever way she can, whether that is teaching the students or staying after school to have meaningful discussions with students to make them successful.

“I want to build the program at the school,” Mrs. Britton said. “I’m very excited for the future of it.”

This class is important to the students, whether it is making them succeed all the way to college, or just giving them a taste of what their future might hold for them. Mrs. Britton is doing her best to assist her students in this journey. This class strives to be the best it can be, and help the students become more independent.

“Any AP class’s point is to give you a taste of what college is like,” Britton said. “That’s why they say how kids have come from AP classes and go into college have an easier time adjusting to the workload and the life in general. This class can give you a head start with college life.”