Heading ‘fore’ success

Melissa Contreras, Multimedia

As the clock keeps ticking, the school year is coming to an end and seniors are making the most out of it by doing what they love and with those who they enjoying doing it with. Senior Will Cowles continues to golf with his friends and family before he spends the next four years at Sonoma State University.

Cowles has been golfing since he was six years old and was influenced by his dad and family friends.

“I was on the golf team freshman, sophomore and junior year, but I decided to not continue this year because it took up a lot of time and I wanted to branch off for my senior year,” senior Will Cowles said.

Generally, Cowles spends one or two rounds a week on his favorite course at the Oceanside Municipal Golf Course with his friends and occasionally with his family.

“I usually golf with people who were on the golf team with me, and recently I golfed with the whole team including Mr. Hendricks, our coach,” Cowles said. “I sometimes golf with my dad too every once in awhile.”

After being a member of the Carlsbad High School golf team, Cowles has made an impact to the team that the coach has appreciatively noticed.

“My first Impression of Will was that he was shy, quiet, reserved and charming and now that I have gotten to know him, I would say he’s impish in the sense that he’s humorous and kind of a little bit feisty, fun and wonderful,“  golf coach Hendricks said. “ It was great having him on the team. He was dedicated, showed improvement and made everybody better. He was just one of those guys that helped with his attitude and behavior, not so much in a verbal way. I would say he is a leader by example.”

Cowles has competed at Rancho Carlsbad and won first place in 2015 but he wouldn’t describe it as his greatest accomplishment.

“My greatest accomplishment in golf would have to be the first day I beat my dad because we have always been very competitive against each other,” Cowles said.

Before Cowles heads off to college, he plans to enjoy every minute golfing with his old teammates and friends.

“Even though I won’t have the same friends and my family to golf with next year, I’m excited to make new ones and I think I have already picked out my new favorite course in Sonoma,” Cowles said.