Everything is awesome at Legoland

Nathalie Rodriguez, Staff Photographer

On the weekend of April 29-30, Carlsbad choir and band showed their community the love and heart that they have for CHS. Both the choir and band performed at Legoland’s Carlsbad Day to help support and raise money for the Carlsbad community.

Many people around the Carlsbad community came to support and participate in the event including Carlsbad High’s performing arts program. Students and families came to raise money for our beautiful city and to make it even better.

“Mr. B wanted everyone to go, but there were a lot of students in the spring musical who couldn’t go but mostly everyone in the choir was able to go,” senior Joy Chapman said. “I know that other schools from the district had their bands or some sort of performing arts from their school to represent. Each mascot from CUSD was there.”

Families took advantage of the low costs of Legoland tickets which gave Legoland a high number of guests and attractions. The performances of the arts gave the guests something extra to look forward to.

“Little kids came to watch the performances and ride the rides and friends supported their friends if there was a drumline or a choir performance,” senior Melissa Kay said.

Although the final result of the day was a success, there was definitely a few bumps in the road that the Carlsbad performing arts programs had to overcome. They dealt with the problems quickly and professionally to give the guests a quality performance.

“It went pretty well, I mean we did have some technical difficulties. The piano wasn’t going through the speakers but we were able to get it to work so it was fine,” Chapman said. “We had to have a different group go up to perform while this was happening but it all worked out in the end.”

Both choir and band worked tirelessly to make Carlsbad Day at Legoland a huge success. Everyone that went to support their friends and family noticed the hard work that was put in and appreciated their dedication.

“I know drumline practiced a lot beforehand at their practices, they rehearsed the cadence or the drum beat they were gonna play as they walked around the park and then of course choir was practicing a lot and wanted to give the best performance they could,” Kay said.

People who attended were able to experience the rides at a low cost.
“It was definitely fun. I mean how could Legoland not be fun, especially when you see kids of every age enjoying themselves and supporting everyone in the community,” Kay said.