Tejada says adios to Carlsbad High

Emma Lupica, Editor-in-Chief

After 43 years of teaching, Mr. Tejada a Spanish teacher at Carlsbad High, readies himself for retirement. After spending his past years at CHS, Tejada plans for the future and prepares for what his life after teaching will consist of.

Throughout Tejada’s career he has learned several things that he will carry with him throughout the rest of his life.

“I learned to study and learn, that is important. I have gotten good at learning and acquiring new knowledge,” spanish teacher Mr. Tejada said. “Now I can memorize things like complete poems because of the teaching skills I have obtained throughout the years.”

Overtime Tejada has tried several different teaching methods and experimented with his classes.

“My teaching style has changed many times, all having different strategies,” Tejada said. “Sometimes I was very discipline and in other times I try to be more accessible. Sometimes I try to teach with videos or use all this technology that we have access to.”

No matter which teaching method Tejada uses, he hopes that his students remember his class and gained knowledge throughout the course.

“I want people to remember that they had a good time and they learned something,” Tejada said. “Also that they like Spanish more after taking my class.”

Tejada passes on a hint of wisdom to new and incoming teachers based off of his experience in the field.

“Take your time to prepare your lessons,” Tejada said. “Follow teachers with experience, and create your own techniques according to your personality.”

Although Tejada says that he loves teaching and would do it all over again, there are some other career changes he would have made.

“If I could go back, I would still teach,” Tejada said. “But, I probably would not get my credentials in administration because administration is a job that is very difficult because of the problems with parents, students and teachers. I don’t like to see that side of the people.”

In the future, Tejada wants to continue learning new things everyday and continue to expand his knowledge.

“Now, I probably have the time to study the subjects that I couldn’t study before,” Tejada said. “I always read books and take courses at the college. I will continue taking those courses and always be learning a little bit more.”

Other than taking more classes, Tejada has plans to continue helping those around him in an unsuspected way.

“I plan to do charity work once I retire because I want to help the kids and the people,” Tejada said. “I am also a dentist so I am going to be working in the brigades, going to little towns and doing dental work for people who don’t have the money to pay for a dentist.”

Even though retirement is very exciting Tejada will miss everything the job entails and cherishes the memories he has made while teaching.

“I will miss seeing students learning all the time,” Tejada said. “And of course the interaction with the kids. It will be a different change that will take some getting used to.”