The “Range” of Diversity

Dulce Martinez, Managing Editor

Diversity in movies has been the topic of conversation since the introduction of the cinema. Many have noticed characters in movies rarely have different backgrounds, which has upset viewers. People argue that representation in movies is important especially in those targeted towards younger audiences. On March 24, Lionsgate came out with the film ‘Power Rangers’ a movie that follows five high school students that discover they are superheroes and their destiny is to save the world from evil. The movie has gained attention, not just because it is a modern spin on the original franchise, but because of the diversity of the cast.  

The movie’s cast is made up of five characters, each with a unique background, something that isn’t normally showcased in superhero films. The characters are different races, while some have different sexulaities and others have Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. Many viewers were ecstatic to discover there would be diversity and representation of different races in the film due to the recent outburst whitewashing in films. The movie has received praise for acknowledging the importance of representation of different types of people including different races, sexuality, and people with disabilities.

“A lot of people watch films and consume media, it’s good to show different people that they are represented,” junior Zach Cayaban said. “We need to show equality in the media.”

Parents were also overjoyed to see diversity being represented after seeing the way media influences how their children will see themselves. Movies such as this one, target children and younger audiences which results in the younger viewers feeling included and appreciated. Representation matters not only because of the increased confidence of the younger generation, but because of the sense of hope children gain in knowing that someone similar to them is being included in the media. ‘Power Rangers’ offers a view on the communities being represented, and shuts down stereotypes of the races and communities represented.

“It’s good to show young people representation, if you see someone who looks like you or is like you in some way it builds up motivation.” said Cayaban, “It helps young people look forward to live as something positive.”

In recent events, many movies and TV series have premiered with a white cast although the stories and characters come from different cultures. There are many different actors and actresses in the portrayed community who can play the parts of these stories just as well, if not better, than the white actors hired. When performers of different races are hired for big roles, they are perceived as the stereotype of their race. When this occurs children learn all they will ever be is a stereotype and their stereotype is all the world views them as.

“ If we fail to portray people it makes them feel disenfranchised and less represented as other groups of people,” said Cayaban, “which is why including different groups is important.”