Old show, new classic

Shows from last century come back and become fan favorites.

Frankee Costan, Section Editor

The haircuts may be dated, but the jokes last a lifetime. Television shows that first aired when the current high school generation was in diapers has yet to die off. Parents who loved the show in 90’s now sit down to watch the repeats with their teens, while students who were toddlers when it first aired proclaim their appreciation on Twitter as they obsess over the couples in the shows.

Although it may seem difficult to watch these classic comedies, Netflix acts as an outlet to binge watch old favorite shows such as “Friends” or “That 70s Show” that could be tedious to watch on regular cable television.

“My mom and I binge-watch Friends on Netflix almost every weekend. It is really the only show that we both like.” senior Sofie Olson said.

The comedy of shows like “That 70s Show” and “Friends” are making a whole new generation of fans laugh. Although the setting of these old shows consists of a world with no social media or smartphones, viewers today still manage to find humor in the dialogue in the show.

“These old shows are still really relatable, but it is different from what you see now which I think is funnier,” sophomore Sarah Jackson said. “I can still relate to the characters struggles even through the era from That 70s Show was such a long time ago.”

The fact the show is from around two eras ago, many would think it would hold viewers back from watching it. However, young viewers claim to be drawn in even more because they want to learn how life was like for teens and young adults growing up in the 70s, 80s or 90s.

“The fact that the show is older kind of made me want to watch it even more because all the shows these days are the same,” Jackson said. “A lot of people are interested in them and the time periods. I think it is a cool way to learn more about what life was like back then.”

Some older shows are still frequently watched today because modern comedy differs from shows like “Friends” and “That 70s Show”.  All of the current shows mostly have the same humor, so watching shows from a few decades ago can be a real change in entertainment.

“These old shows are not necessarily better but different,” Olson said. “If you get bored of watching the same shows with the same humor it is a good change in entertainment.”