Q&A:Red Cross Club

Emma Lupica, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Sana Moezzi is a member of the Red Cross Club. She tells us what takes place in the club, how the club has changed her as a person and how senior members plan to keep the club alive.

Lancer Link: Why is red cross a good club to join?

Moezzi: “It’s a great way to not only give back to the community locally, but because Red Cross is a humanitarian organization it really helps give back when we are supporting disaster reliefs and teaching people how to do CPR.”

LL: Why might people want to join the red cross?

Moezzi: “It’s a great way to get community service during school hours because some people cannot make it after school.”

LL: What do you do in red cross?

Moezzi: “Some of our events include holiday mail for veterans where we write cards and thank the veterans for the amount of time they served to give back to the United States. We are also going to do CPR training. It’s really great when you want to have a job and you get paid more when you are CPR certified.”

LL: How have you changed as a person by being in the red cross club?

Moezzi: “I really look at the world differently now, I believe that it’s not really about yourself but giving back to the people who really need it and I think red cross provides a great way to learn more about that.”

LL: How do you plan to keep the club alive as the seniors graduate?

Moezzi: “We are going to recruit more freshman and get involved more with ASB. Hopefully we will make one of the basketball games red cross themed and give back to some disaster that recently occurred.”

LL: How do you plan to get people to join?

Moezzi: “We recently had our club fair sign ups which are an amazing way to recruit incoming freshman, sophomores and juniors if they are still willing to join a club. The club fair really made a great impact. However we are also probably going to do more CHSTV announcements and work with other organizations to get the word out there.”