Jagger Denys hits the ice


courtesy of Jagger Denys

Emma Lupica, Editor-in-Chief

Many students at CHS are preoccupied with on-campus extracurriculars, but senior Jagger Denys has found his true passion playing hockey. Throughout his life he has been devoted to playing the sport and  he continues improving his skill today.

His interest in hockey started at a young age and his engagement in the sport has only increased.

“I started skating when I was two just in the front yard, actually roller hockey,” senior Jagger Denys said. “I didn’t start ice skating until I was five.”

Since then, Denys has focused on his hockey career and spent countless hours of hard work and dedication to become as successful as he is now.

“Every day I go up to LA,” Denys said. “It’s a four hour round trip with traffic. Two hours up and two hours back. When I’m not driving up there, I’m either working out or doing my own stuff down here.”

So far his hard work has paid off and he has joined a club that has helped him continue to increase his skill and ability.

“I play for the LA Kings,” Denys said. “Basically it’s a starter team. You either go to professional hockey or you go to college hockey. We fly out almost every other weekend across the country for tournaments and different showcases.”

With his team, he has competed in many memorable competitions that few people have the advantage to participate in.

“In my opinion representing USA hockey at their national festival was the most exciting,” Denys said. “It was pretty cool. Anytime you get to put on the USA hockey logo, that’s pretty special. We went to Buffalo, New York for that one and we had a couple different countries come out.”

Even though he finds satisfaction in the heavy commitment, Denys tells what he has missed out on because of his hockey career.

“I’d say I missed out on the high school experience,” Denys said. “You don’t really get that. You are always either traveling or working on your craft. Making friends and relationships that will last past high school is difficult while balancing hockey.”

Since he is so busy playing hockey, it is tough to create friendships at school, but his hockey team creates relationships that are different from any other.

“That’s where I get lucky,” Denys said. “I have 20 brothers that I can always count on. About half the group has been together for more than two years but we have a couple of rookies this year. We all kinda know each other pretty well.”

Even through Denys’ hard work and dedication, there are some people that have been credited for assisting Denys in his success.

“I’d like to thank my parents.” Denys said. “They are a big part of it.”