LOL: What are your plans for summer?


Olivia Easterbrook

Seniors Ashley Lang, Olivia Easterbrook, and Kallan Arkeder enjoy the beginning of summer at the beach.

What are your plans for summer?

“I’m going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and getting a job,” senior Julia Keymer said.

“I’ll be working the majority of the summer, but for two weeks I will be going to Hawaii with my family,” senior Katelyn Rupp said.

“Kill myself. My plans for the summer is to work and make new friends,” senior Sydnie Hornback said.

“This summer-nothing much. I plan to be lazy and hang out with friends. Hopefully go to Disneyland because Disneyland is awesome even though my pass just expired…sad….sad,” senior Katie Chase said.

“I’m just gonna keep working, go to the beach, and sleep.” senior Jackson Shipman said.

“I’m going to work and hang out with my friends,” senior Catherine Reef said.

“I plan to go on a bunch of hikes with my best friend and maybe try and go to the fair with all my friends. I’m actually going to do a paid internship to make safety videos for schools,” senior Haylie Bantle said.

“I’m going to some concerts, hanging out with friends, and going to the beach,” senior Kimberley Rodriguez said.

“Over the summer I plan on going to Hawaii with my family, and I’m super excited to go,” senior Lea Engel said.

“After the first month of summer I plan on moving to Texas, and I’m really excitement for whats to come,” senior Haley Smith said. 

“Im going to work, train for college ball, and then go to Hawaii with my family,” senior Madison Hayes said. 

“I will mostly be working over the summer, but I also plan to be with friends, going to the beach, and having a fun time,” senior Reilly Armacost said.

“I am going to Ibiza, London, New York for the whole summer and I’m excited for the adventure,” senior Noe Favila said.