BRIEF: theatre presents monologue show

BRIEF: theatre presents monologue show

Megan Overbey, Writer

On June 10, the intermediate and pre-advanced theatre combo class will put on a one night only performance of “The Monologue Show” in the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center.

This performance is different from their past shows, their last one being “Alice in Wonderland”, this show will contrast the Disney fantasy with a comedic contemporary showcase that highlights each individual actor.

“It is a comedy that consists of many monologues within a story of students from a theatre class, but things don’t go as planned,” sophomore Kendall Johnson said. “Make sure to come out and see it, the show is at 7:00 pm.”

For this show, Mrs. Hall’s traditional audition process was replaced by a new procedure for this show.

“There was no audition, but you were to write sentences from three different monologues that resonated with you and then she went through all of them with an idea of who she wanted for each part and tried to match us up as best as possible,” sophomore Jennifer Lynch said.