Dance tryouts cultivate stress and fun for dancers


Hailey Nalitt

On May 6th, Rachel Whitehead stretched to prepare for dance tryouts. All the girls auditioning listened to music and practiced their dance routines. Even returners have pressure to do good and make the team they love.

Nicolas Dautremont, Staff Writer

The time for dance tryouts come only once a year and while it can be a stressful moment in students’ lives, it is also a fun learning experience for both those returning and newcomers. With the return of veterans and the introduction of newbies, the dancers consistently work to ensure they meet or transcend the requirements.

“This year the seniors on the team are just going to be out there in the auditions helping out  with the younger girls,” senior Lancer Dancer Nicole Mendrala said.

But even veteran members of the team can still feel anxious throughout this process. Always needing to be alert to exhibit their personal best, the dancers work to make it a fun learning experience.

“I think every year, no matter what grade you are in, it is nerve-racking,” Mendrala said. “But it is also really fun and you get to meet a lot of new people.”

New students faced with the challenge of trying out for a dance team are advised to look toward the seniors for insight of the audition process. Seniors and other experienced members advise to keep calm beforehand and make sure the appointees know you can bring the best out of yourself in the face of a panel of judges.

“Just don’t let nerves get the best of you, because the judges and our coaches want to know that you can handle it,” Mendrala said. “It is pretty intense, so if you have any questions or anything, the Xcalibur members and Lancer Dancers are all there.”

Any current middle school students wanting to join a dance team should prepare themselves for the transition to a tougher academic environment with the added bonus of the demanding extra-curricular activity. However, with challenge comes reward such as meeting new people, as well as obtaining valuable social and competitive experience that will see you through high school and beyond.

“I was really excited I made it in, it was a great year,” freshman Lancer Dancer Samara Anderson said. “The transition from middle school to high school was a big change, it has not been hard, but very interesting.”

While students who worry over the tryouts should keep on their toes, it also important to remember to be confident and not to over think it too much. Have a fun time with it, especially when things are difficult.

“Students should do their best and be confident,” Anderson said. “Good luck to everyone who tries out.”