Tatum Bernat institutes new special effects makeup club

Tatum Bernat recently started a new club based around her interest in special effects makeup. In the class, she hopes to share what she knows about special effects makeup with others. She also hopes to see the club incorporated in school plays and school dances.

Heather Lynch, Staff Writer

Sometimes it’s fun to be someone else.

A brand new club on campus emulates this by delving into the creative medium of Special Effects Makeup. The club, named accordingly, is another addition to the other artistic organizations on campus. However, Special Effects Makeup Club is set on exploring an art form that oftentimes goes unnoticed.

The club’s founder, senior Tatum Bernat, has always been interested in special effects makeup, and sees her club as an opportunity to both further her own knowledge of the art and spark the interest of other students at Carlsbad.

“I started the club because I never felt like any of the other clubs fit my interests well enough,” Bernat said.

Although there have been only three meetings thus far, the crowd of members grows bigger every time. Bernat hopes to attract many more members, regardless of their personal experience.

“I’m by no means a professional makeup artist, I started teaching myself around 7th grade,” Bernat said. “I was inspired by one of my favorite TV shows Face Off.”

The members of the club are excited to explore a new artistic medium alongside Bernat, and unleash their creativity.

“I joined the club because I think learning how to do special effects makeup would be really interesting, and learning Tatum’s awesome skills in this club would be awesome,” senior Megan Chua said.

The club’s primary goal is to expose students of Carlsbad High to a different form of art and instigate the fun, creative process in exploring this medium. Through gaining experience as a group, the club will improve creative skills as well as provide a new way to have fun during and outside of school.

The club meets regularly to discuss and experiment with special effects makeup, but Bernat hopes to do much more than that. In order to both raise funds and gain experience with applying makeup, she hopes to have the club offer to do the makeup of girls who want to get dolled up for Prom and other dances.

“Ideally, it would be an honor to align with the drama department to enhance our students’ performances with makeup,” Bernat said.

She also looks forward to inviting professionals to discuss their career and watching clips of the show that inspired her. The members of Special-Effects Makeup Club are open to trying something new, expressing themselves and having fun in the process.

“We all want to have some fun putting scary makeup on each other,” Chua said.

Art is very important to a multitude of students at CHS, and the introduction of a new club dedicated to it provides a brand new form of self-expression. Every even Thursday in room 8104, Bernat welcomes everyone to enjoy learning about Special Effects Makeup.

“Special effects makeup is a hobby of mine and no other club brought something similar to the school,” Bernat said. “I thought the school would benefit from something I love.”