Art exhibit brings local color to Carlsbad

The 2016 invitational Cannon art gallery


Victoria Smith

The William D. Cannon art gallery goes from Nov. 22 through Jan. 31. The work features art from five different artists.

Angie Perry, Staff Writer

Combining local culture with national artistry, the 2016 Invitational William D. Cannon Art Gallery exhibit welcomes variety and diversity to Carlsbad by showcasing the broadness of North San Diego County’s local talent. The focus this year is to present artwork that is fresh and immersive in local color while engaging audiences with pristine exhibits, interactive activities, lectures and more. The current exhibit running until Jan. 31 features unique works of five artists, all organized by Curator Karen McGuire.

“With the current exhibit, we wanted to incorporate all different mediums of art,” McGuire said. “For example, we have glass from Italy, Russian icons, as well as sculptures. The main goal was to bring the world to Carlsbad.”

Featured artists Dan Adams, David Hewitt, Michelle Montjoy, Leslie Nemour and Peggy Wiedemann share their dynamic styles and impressive talent, as the exhibit walls are filled with their works. The Cannon Art Gallery offers abundant opportunity for locals as well as for visitors to explore the otherwise hidden talent of North County’s sophisticated artists.

“Art is essential to a community because it reflects the voice of the people within it,” senior Natallie Rocha said. “Local artists are truly the ones who give character to where they live through showing others their artistic interpretation of the world around them.”

The Cannon Art Gallery provides more to the environment than just visual leisure. It encourages people to participate in things bigger than themselves as they absorb the surrounding world. In addition, it makes for conversation, allows for speculation and encourages open mindedness and creativity.

“Art opens the eyes, allowing people to observe the world from a different perspective through visual interpretation,” McGuire said.

Some admire art for the social aspect, some for the community and some for it’s aesthetic effects. Whichever the type, visitors can enjoy a visit this month to the 2015 Invitational Cannon Art Gallery. The exhibit takes place at the Carlsbad City Library complex, located at 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, 92011 open Tuesday through Saturday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Sunday: 1-5 p.m.