Boom! comes to CA after tour of Europe

On Friday January 8th and Saturday January 9th, Carlsbad high school alumni David and his friend Peter brought their show Boom! to Carlsbad. The show is a two man circus where they used masks to portray six different characters.

Monique Dufault, A&E Editor

Boom!, a two man, six character circus wrapped up its tour in California on Jan. 8 and 9 after preforming 12 shows throughout Europe. Although the show has accumulated international spectators, performing in Carlsbad’s Cultural Arts Center hits home for actor David Poznater.

“Mrs. Hall, the theatre teacher at CHS, taught David when he was in high school,” senior Katie Oberman said. “He came back to the United States because he had been in Italy and France and all over and he thought he should do a performance where he went to high school.”

Poznanter pursued 12 years of higher education after CHS in three different countries in order to become the professional he is today in the arts of mask making, circus performance, singing, acting and dancing.

Creators of Boom!, David Poznanter and partner Peter Sweet utilize hand crafted masks and subtle costume changes to portray a variety of characters. Exploiting this technique, the actors engage their audience in a dynamic performance between six unique personalities.

“The actors were really good at convincingly switching between their characters,” attendee Carissa Darroch said. “[David] played Gigo, an acrobat who is completely full of himself; Gus, a forgetful old man; and Arthur, who sang in the circus. Meanwhile [Peter] played Bruce, the drummer; Sammy, Gigo’s klutzy assistant; and Artemis, the M.C. of the circus.”

Conforming to the nature of a circus, the actors incorporated many acrobatic stunts into the performance using a Cyr wheel and a tightrope.

“Gigo mainly did acrobatics on the wheel which was super fun to watch,” Darroch said. “The tightrope was mostly used by Sammy which made me nervous because that character is so clumsy.”

Poznanter and Sweet begin to interact with the audience at the commencement of the performance and continue engagement throughout the show.

“They definitely involved the audience a lot,” Darroch said. “At one point Gigo even did acrobatics with a woman’s phone in his hand while taking selfies.”

Recognition of art crosses cultural barriers as Boom! captivates audiences abroad in countries across Europe as well as in America.

“I loved it, it was so cool,” Oberman said. “It was funny, it was amazing and I thought it was incredible how they combined circus acts with a performance.”