Christmas comes early for Star Wars fans

Plus: fan theory and speculation


Angie Perry, Staff Writer

December 18. The long awaited, highly anticipated date marks many Star Wars fans’ calendars, as Christmas for them comes a week early with the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. With Star Wars season in full swing, there is also heavy speculation on what’s to come with its release. To clear the dust on some of these theories, some CHS students gave their opinions.

First of all, fans noticed that Mark Hamill, who plays the part of Luke Skywalker, has not appeared in any promotions for the film. The most recent trailer released features much of villain Kylo Ren, however nothing of Luke. The character has been absent from all promotions preceding the film’s release, leaving fans wondering whether or not the prominent character will appear in Episode VII.

“[Star Wars] was on all the time and it was a staple in my household,” senior Annie Cunningham said. “I think they could easily make a movie without Luke, even though he is a staple character.”

So where is Luke? People go as far to believe that he has joined the dark side, saying perhaps he is Kylo Ren. Think about it. We haven’t seen his face, and he does have an odd obsession with Darth Vader, with whom he shares a love for black everything. However, this wild theory is highly unlikely.

“Kylo Ren is someone unknown–someone we’ve never seen before,” senior Alex Petric said. “It’s very unlikely that Luke would follow in his father’s footsteps.”

In addition, Boba Fett met his demise in Return of the Jedi–or did he? Some fans speculate that he will be somehow returning in The Force Awakens. This hypothesis stems from the evident front-and-center glimpse of a Mandalorian banner in the first trailer, leading people to believe that there lies a slim possibility that he miraculously survived his fall into the jaws of the Sarlacc.

“I honestly think Boba Fett did die and that he won’t come back,” Cunningham said. “But I think that knowing any TV show or film, whenever there is a character that dies, you never know if they actually died or whether they’ll bring them back.”

Yet another fan theory arises of Han or Chewbacca meeting their demise in The Force Awakens. In the first trailer, Rey is seen crying over someone’s body…But whose? A furry outline appears in the shot, leading some to believe the beloved Wookie warrior has met his fate. After all, it’s not out of the ordinary for director J.J. Abrams to kill off beloved characters.

“I think its very likely that Han will die because he is so old at this point,” Petric said. “Harrison Ford is a great actor and no one could ever play Han Solo like he would.”

Many also believe that Rey and Kylo Ren may be twins. Sound familiar? The story goes like this: the two were the twin kids of either Luke or Leia, lost and separated in their early years. Rey remained on desert planet Jakku and Kylo with the First Order. She spends her life scavenging through wreckage, looking for missing pieces about her family. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren idolizes Darth Vader. The two do seem Force-sensitive, however we can’t make assumptions quite yet.

Perhaps the most outlandish speculation, some believe that Darth Vader lives, despite his sure death in Return of the Jedi after being severed multiple times by light sabers and burned in the volcanic inferno. According to USA Today, many have faith in this eccentric theory, believing that Kylo Ren will perhaps clone Darth back to life, allowing him to live on to lead the Empire on the dark side.

Whether these theories are true remains to be determined, but a universal truth rings true among Star Wars fans.

“People love it everywhere you go,” Petric said. “There’s always going to be a fan that you can relate to and talk about the movies with.”

Truth, or fallibility, in these theories will be revealed with the December 18 premiere, so Star Wars fans– stay tuned. Happy Holidays and may the Force be with you…