Enjoy a taste of art at Canon Art Gallery


Hailey Nalitt

Luminous by Anthony Enyedy is one of the many beautiful pieces on display at the Cannon Art Gallery. This particular piece was created in 2013 using oils.

Megan Overbey, Writer

The Food for Thought art exhibit, held in the Canon Art Gallery at the Dove Library Complex, is open to the public until Nov. 8. The exhibit is a celebration of food through art and features over 20 artists with food as the primary subject matter.

The curator for the exhibition is Karen McGuire, and through her many years of experience in the art field, she met several artists who influenced the exhibit.

“I usually work on an exhibition for two years and I had seen one of the artists work at a gallery in Los Angeles and his work was really amazing and luscious,” curator Karen McGuire said. “It made me think about wether or not there were other artists out there that were using food as subject matter as well. As I started researching, I discovered that there are a lot of artists out their that use food as their inspiration.”

Being the curator of exhibitions at the Canon Art Gallery, McGuire has many responsibilities before creating the final product.

“I come up with the exhibition schedule and the vision for the gallery,” said McGuire. “On this exhibition, I selected all of the artwork and visit artist’s studios and ultimately decided what would be included in the exhibition.”

Many artists who participated came together to contribute to this exhibit. Several came from all different parts of the country.

“My piece was entitled ‘Food.’ it’s oil on canvas, 26 x 26 inches,” artist Alex Gross said. “This painting took about two to three weeks for me to complete. As for my history as an artist, I started as an illustrator for about a decade after leaving art school, I went to The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Then I began to do my own personal work and transitioned into a gallery artist over many years. I have been doing gallery work for about 16 years now.”