Band performs surprise dance at halftime show


Hailey Nalitt

The band team shows that practice really does make perfect as they exit the field leaving the crowd in awe.

Mani Mendez, Staff Writer

Every year at the homecoming game, the traditional halftime show takes place where band, dance, cheer, color guard and the homecoming court all perform a routine which correlates with the theme of homecoming. This year, not only did band showcase their instrumental skills, but they also joined the dancers in the last song of the performance.

“It was pretty chill experiencing what it was like to dance instead of march and surprisingly I had a lot of fun,” junior band member Antonio Aguirre said.

Band is constantly practicing and learning new songs and routines to showcase, but this year they surprised the audience by performing a choreographed dance routine on the field alongside the entirety of the dance program.

“At first I hated the idea of dancing in front of everyone at the game,” senior band member Karena Korbin said. “But, doing it with my closest friends made it so fun.”

Even though many members of band were not initially excited to do a dance routine because they knew it would be intimidating to dance with the Lancer Dancers and Xcalibur, they were willing to accept the challenge. 

“We have been trying our best to come as close to dancer’s skill as possible, which is pretty hard considering the fact that we aren’t remotely close to dancers,” junior band member Melissa Kay said.

Everyone who participated on the field that day made the homecoming halftime show a unique experience for Carlsbad High School. Band continues to implement the element of surprise on and off the field with their skills.

“As time went on I had more fun with it because the dance was challenging,” junior band member Kerianne Brennan said. “I’m definitely glad we did it because if anything it unified band and dance.”