ArtSplash: Tracy Lee Stum makes art come to life

Artists display their talent in chalk drawings. This artist created a 3D piece in order to present a more realistic drawing.

Audrey Sun, Staff Writer

Every year the community of Carlsbad hosts ArtSplash, a nonprofit family event dedicated to promoting the arts. This year, Artsplash was lucky enough to have the internationally renowned 3D chalk artist Tracy Lee Stum visit and produce an art piece.

As a professional artist, Stum rarely has time to participate in art festivals, but this year she decided to come back to Carlsbad because she received a special invitation from the ArtSplash foundation.

“I street painted here 11 years ago and have not been back since,” Stum said. “But I know this event happens every year and I thought it would be nice to go back because the festival is so nice and the weather’s always good.”

Stum brought her team along with her to ArtSplash, where they worked together to create a 3D image of a gryffin. One of the members of her team, Melody Owens, has worked with Stum over the years and has enjoyed the many opportunities made available to her.

“I think ArtSplash is great,” Owens said. “This event brings all the different vendors and artists together and gives back to artists in the community. I would love to see more people come out.”

ArtSplash is home to a variety of artists and future artists. Having professionals come and share their work and knowledge with everyone brings the community of Carlsbad closer together.

“Street painting was a happy accident for me and it was something I didn’t plan,” Stum said. “Everyone should be open to options that come from unexpected places and do what they can to expose themselves to the world.”