Choir teams evolve in anticipation for the 2015-16 school year

Monique Dufault, A&E Editor

Through an audition process, Carlsbad’s Choir Department welcomes new members to their various intermediate and advanced teams.

Auditions differ across the art forms, but all are structured in their own complexity.

“For the choir audition we have to prepare a one minute song of our choice, sing ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ and we have to do a special talent—which could be anything from doing a cartwheel to signing a song in ASL—in front of a panel of three judges,” sophomore Sophia Marks said. “On top of that we have to do sight singing, music theory and ear testing. “

Each student who auditions has the opportunity to choose their own song to perform. Everyone is comfortable with what they are singing while knowing their choice compliments their strengths.

“For the song of your choice you can sing a cappella or you can have an accompaniment where you would print out sheet music for someone with a instrument to play while you sing,” sophomore Joy Chapman said.

In the case of this audition, everyone is in the same group and no extra requirements are placed on advanced versus intermediate choirs. However, there is a difference between auditions for traditional and show choirs.

“For those of us trying out for a show choir, we have a choreographer come in and we learn a minute long dance routine and perform that for the judges,” Marks said.

Many things can run through a person’s head as they try out for anything, but confidence is often the key to success.

“It is most important to be outgoing because for the dance audition especially they watch you from the moment you walk in the door,” Chapman said. “It’s not just how you audition. It all matters—how fast you pick up the choreography, as well as how friendly and focused you are.”

With auditions over and the new teams set, a feeling of excitement overcomes all past and new members.

“I am really excited to meet all of the new members and to have the opportunity to bond with all of them,” Chapman said. “I think we are a very strong group and will do well in the next competition season.”