Seniors face the final stretch of senior year


Hannah Kellermeyer

Photo Illustration. As second semester begin many seniors are beginning to feel the wrath of seniorites.

Georgi Gilbert, staff writer

As any student you talk to can confirm, once second semester comes around, school starts to change. Whether it be the tedious stress of finals, finishing up the year, or merely trying to keep the motivation to even show up to class sometimes. With it being so close to a new life and freedoms, it can be difficult to continue to keep the same dedication to school as we always had.

 There are countless pressures during your senior year, especially during this final stretch of the year.

 “My main goals for second semester are to decide where I’m going to go after high school and hopefully have a plan a set up of what I’m going to do,” senior Ray Ligon said.

 Another senior seemed to have a similar view about this subject as well. With all of us working toward the same common goal for the most part, we all agree on what needs to get done before the end of the year.

 “My goals for this semester are to hopefully get into a good school and make the most of my time left here,” senior Bailey Boka said.

While seniors are striving to accomplish their last goals at Carlsbad High, emotions also play a role in how people complete their last year.

 “This being my last semester of high school is a little surreal and its a little scary but it’s exciting at the same time,” Ligon said. “There are a lot of emotions involved.”

 Every senior has a different view and feelings about what is to come.

 “This being my last semester of high school is kinda bittersweet,” Boka said. “I’m glad to be almost done but it’s sad that it’s going to be the last time with my classmates.”

 On top of all the college apps and activities, several seniors suffer from the ‘senioritis’ epidemic that rages throughout the school.

 “I already have hard-core senioritis,” Ligon said. “I’m just going to try to stay motivated by having a hard class that I have to go to”.

 Words of wisdom from seniors prove valuable because no other student knows the tenacity of the last year of high school more than those living it themselves, the seniors.

“I would tell underclassmen that although its hard its important to keep trying because it definitely will pay off in the end,” Boka said. ”I’m both excited and nervous for graduation because its scary to start the rest of your life, yet exciting at the same time.”