Carlsbad takes a bite of the business world

Brooke Wasson, features editor

America has been considered the land of opportunity for centuries, and our generation is proving that students effect the future of America’s enterprise. The new club, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), meets every even Tuesday in room 7204 with hopes of giving students who are interested in business an activity to participate in on campus.

Carlsbad High tries to prep students for the outside world, but when it comes to business training there isn’t an activity for striving businessmen and women.

“When I came to the school I noticed the only business activity we have here is AP Economics,” freshman Anthony Li said. “However I really want to go to business school, so I figured I should diversify the campus by creating this club for myself and other students.”

Many adults start a business without knowing anything about the trade. However, this club prepares upcoming business owners so they can successfully run a company.

“The idea of the club is based on the show ‘Shark Tank’,” junior Samiksha Ramesh said. “The growing American dream is starting a business, but a lot of people don’t know how. People have really interesting ideas that would make a great business, but they don’t know how to do it. So, this club allows students to pretend to own a business and actually run it, so they see what different things they need to do.”

FBLA introduces the many aspects companies need in order to be successful.

“During the meetings we talk about different ideas, or what companies we want to start, or what kind of business practices we have,” Ramesh said. “We also assign people to study different things. Some people study stock, someone else studies business management, we spread the tasks and then people come up and talk about what they learned. So we share and collaborate and try to figure out what kind of business we want to run.”

To ensure America’s continual dominance in business, this new generation prepares to be educated on the different trades incorporated in running a company.

“CHS really needed this because I’m sure there are a lot of people with a lot of great ideas with which they can start businesses with,” Ramesh said. “Also, I think that by giving students the opportunity to learn early on, we set them further ahead on the track to success.”

Since FBLA incorporates many different real life scenarios, members of this club will be well equipped for a professional setting.

“One major assignment we are working on right now is that we are setting up our own practice stock portfolio,” Li said. “We hope this helps students understand how to trade stocks. However next year our plan is to open up our own stock portfolio using our parents names, so we can actually trade and make money.”

Not only does this club help students with their future careers, it allows them to tend to their individuality and an opportunity to explore what they want to achieve life.

“I really hope that people understand it’s not nerdy to be a part of a cub like this, it caters to your future and it really helps you go toward your goals,” Ramesh said. “I am sure there are a lot of people at our school who want to do something interesting like this.”

Even though this club is new to CHS, it will continue to grow since its a popular subject among students.

“Throughout the years I think students are going to flock to our club since its one of the only business activities at our school,” Li said. “Also since business is growing, it makes students want to be involved in this club that much more.”