Lesly Morelia brings diversity to ASB


Adoley Swaniker

Lesly Morella poses in front of a wall of hearts in the ASB classroom where kind notes to fellow classmates are posted. Lesly participates in the various class activities alongside her peers.

brooke wasson, features editor

Overcoming social challenges may be difficult during high school, but senior Lesly Morelia accepts her differences. Morelia may communicate through ASL, but this has not stopped her from doing what she loves. With the help of a translator, Morelia is able to carry on daily activities like the rest of the school.

Like any other student on campus, Morelia wanted to be socially involved in her high school to  make her experience memorable.

“I joined ASB because I like putting up posters, drawing and helping out in all the classrooms to help make a difference on the campus,” Morelia said. “Also just getting more involved and hanging out with different groups of people.”

Senior Georgiana Gnibus is glad to have a friend she can communicate with in a different way.

“I first met Lesly in the beginning of ASB last year,” Gnibus said. “She is super sweet and fun to talk to, especially since I was first learning a language. She completely helped me with my ASL, because I was able to talk with her. We have a good bond now so we can talk about our weekend and just tell jokes, just how people would do in English.”

Having a hearing disability makes it hard to always feel connected with the majority of the school who is able to speak english.

“One challenge I face is the communication, but everyone is super accepting so they help make things less awkward,” Morelia said. “Also, even though I sign, I am still able to give new ideas and introduce the class to new students that can help in some situations on campus.”

Being able to achieve these challenges in high school will just give Morelia the ability to accomplish anything later in life.

“ASB has helped her make lots of friends and meet new people,” Gnibus said. “It has also helped her learn how to work with people. Especially using ASL and overcoming that language barrier between people. learning how to work and show people how to be helpful in certain situations. It can be difficult when not a lot of people know how to sign, so learning how to manage that will help her a lot in life.”

Morelia has been able to represent the deaf community at Carlsbad High by giving them a voice on campus.

“Lesly has added another atmosphere to our classroom,” Gnibus said. “ASB really tries to have a part of every student body. Here we have a great ASL program and a deaf community more so at Carlsbad than anywhere else and we like to have that featured in that class.”

CHS constantly strives to accept all students despite their differences, and create a learning environment where everyone feels welcome.

“Lesly shows that no matter who we are on campus, everyone wants to help make this school a better place,” Gnibus said. “She is always ready to work and wanting to do something for the class. It just shows that it doesn’t matter what language you use, or who you are, if you are in the class you are there to help.”

The positive atmosphere at CHS has encouraged Morelia to get involved with the activities on campus.

“Since joining ASB a couple years ago, I definitely feel more comfortable meeting new people and I’m more used to it now,” Morelia said. “Everyone one has helped me learn how to solve problems. I was really nervous the first years at school, I wasn’t good at meeting people, but now I am more confident.”