Coffee house night entertains all


Danny Tajimaroa

Seniors Karinya Ghiara and Hannah Allen perform a cover of “Yellow” by Coldplay during Coffeehouse night. Coffeehouse nights are hosted by Improv and Drama Club every few months in room 5002, anyone and everyone is welcome to come.

Olivia Easterbrook, Writer

On Wednesday Feb. 18, Drama Club held their most recent Coffee House Night, which was filled with heartfelt poetry and entertaining improv performances. Students from all grades enjoyed music, singing, poems, performances and acting.

“Coffee house night in general is kind of like a little talent show,” junior Mckenzie Fink said. “But it’s more of a place where you want to try something out in front of people for the first time, and the audience is always very accepting.”

The two co-presidents of drama club are seniors Talia Cain and Karinya Ghiara and they run the show by organizing the night as well as performing too.

“As co-president of drama club I help organize coffee house night by setting the date, and coordinating who will perform and who will bring food,” Ghiara said. “During the actual coffee house night, Talia, my co-president, and I emcee the night so we introduce performances and keep the night going.”

One of the co-president’s favorite moments happened during this recent performance.

“Well this last coffee house night we had an impromptu soliloquy-off, where Talia Cain and Ethan Beretz had a duel through Hamlet’s famous ‘to be or not to be’ speech and had to use various voices and such,” Ghiara said. “It wasn’t exactly planned and everyone started cheering them on and it was a great experience.”

This event allows people to be free with their performances and everyone in the audience gets to see what these students are showcasing and have prepared throughout the year.

“People can come in to read poetry, sing, read stories and do monologues,” junior Ally Pateros said. “You dont have to be a part of drama club to perform and the audience always enjoys watching.”

The Coffee house night lasts two hours and is filled with great performances as well as food to enjoy.

“People should come to this event because our school has so many talented students and to see them share their art with everyone is both entertaining and inspiring,” Ghiara said.