New year, new Netflix


Hannah Kellermeyer

photo illustration

Olivia Easterbrook, Writer

Ever since the creation of Netflix back in 1997, this internet and DVD streaming provider continues to increase its selection for viewers. In just this past year, Netflix has hit 50-million subscribers globally.

“I like when Netflix adds more movies to its selection to choose from,” junior Tatum Bernat said. “From this expanded selection, there are more options for my friends or family to pick from.”

The list includes popular TV series like Friends, brand new seasons of shows like White Collar and Psych and the returns of well-known classic movies like Mean Girls, Dirty Dancing, Cast Away, Batman and Robin, Footloose and many others.

“I’m really enjoying the new complete seasons of Friends, and I’m just binge watching them,” junior Natalie Denenny said. “I recommend others to take some time to watch these new shows and what they have to offer.”

Netflix has always had a great selection for subscribers to choose from and that makes the fee of merely $7.99 per month a more-than-reasonable price to pay. Having new titles helps make Netflix a better site for people to watch shows from.

“I like that it has so much variety, by having a lot of movies and TV shows,” junior Rylee Doyle said. “It’s a very profitable investment to make, so people should subscribe to enjoy all the shows they have to offer.”

Throughout this entire month, Netflix will be constantly adding new movies and TV shows to make this year of 2015 an entertaining one.

“I love seeing new shows especially when they are ones that I really enjoy,” junior Kammy Carbone. “I’m also excited to see more movies that are returning to Netflix because I was starting to miss them a lot.”