LOL: Finals


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Carlsbad High is one of the schools that had finals after winter break. Some of the concerns include forgetting everything over the break and performing worse on finals week.

Brooke Wasson, features editor

Do you think finals should be before or after winter break?

“Yes I do think finals should be before break because then we won’t have to worry about coming back to school and having to remember what we have learned so far through out the semester,” junior Devyn Fitzpatrick said. “We should be able to enjoy our break and not worry or stress about finals when we come back. Having finals after break is very difficult because most teachers know we wont study over break , so then we are loaded with work when we come back trying to remember everything again.”

How are you going to plan ahead for second semester to be more successful?

“I’m going to plan before second semester by organizing my supplies that I have to succeed better in the future,” sophomore Proma Dewanjee said. “Also I will go into my teachers classes more often to ask for tips for improvement. I also think its important to create study groups for my harder classes like AP bio because having more people work together will help me succeed in that class.”

What were you most worried about for finals?
“I was most worried about the test itself, because I feel like I won’t remember all of the material that we have learned,” sophomore Genevieve Walker said. “The grade also scares me regarding how far it could drop or raise my grade. I feel like the teachers expect us to be studying for just their test, but we have five other tests to study for.”

Did you feel more rushed going into finals this year?

“Yes I did feel rushed because the lockdown took away two days of my learning,” sophomore Lauren Henry said. “The teachers had to cram those days of learning into studying for finals. It took longer for the teachers to give us our study guides for the finals so, I had lesser days  to study the material then I would have if we had school the days of the lockdown.”